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About Us


Our meager beginnings started on a small farm located near the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.   There, memories became embedded in our hearts and minds that live on to this very day.

The Rule family worked that small farm together.   Our family wasn’t very large.  Our farm family consisted of our Father, Mother, and three children,  2 boys and 1 girl.   Through our efforts, we were blessed to have food on our table.   Not only did our work provide for our immediate family, but for other relatives and friends as well.  Each person in our family played an important role.   It was on the farm where we learned the importance of “laying up for the winter”!    Our parents taught their children to serve God, serve their family and love their country.   Through the years, we children have made every attempt to walk in our earthly father’s footsteps.

Today, we have embarked on a project to allow us to continue to promote those traditions we so fondly recall from years past.  We have refocused our efforts on our gardens and are working hard to serve our Lord, our family, and our extended families as we work to serve folks in our local community.

Our vision was to create a comfortable environment where locals could shop, visit with friends and create memories for the young people growing up in our community.  Our desire is to provide our customers with affordable products and services.   With these things in mind, we are proud to announce the opening of our company store.

We invite you to drop in and visit with us.   Be safe as you travel and we hope to see you soon!


In Our Local Community:

Our mission at Double R Farms is to provide a place where people can drop by for quality products and visit with friends in a comfortable environment.

For Extended Communities:

Our mission at Double R Farms is to provide customers with multiple ways to purchase our products and through our actions extend to them the same experience that our local customers enjoy.