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Check out this page.  Make sure you scroll all the way down!

On this page you will find some of the items that you will find while visiting Double R Farms.

Try our mouthwatering; simply lip smacking Jams and Jellies!  Our Berry Smoky Mountain Special is sure to bring a smile to your face!  Remember the days when you would come home from school and grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?



Sourwood or Mountain wildflower. Sweet, Pure, and “Oh So Good!”


Potatoes!    Onions!    Bell Peppers!

Baking Potatoes, White and Red Sweet Potatoes, Regular Cooking Potatoes, and Red Skin Potatoes. 

Sweet Yellow Onions and Green Bell Peppers (Ask us for a copy of our Stuffed Pepper Recipe!)


Chow Chow!

Made From An Old Family Recipe That Has Been Handed Down Generation After Generation!


Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh!  Just Like Shopping At The Farmers Market!


BBQ Sauce!

This Is A 1st Place Award Winning Champion Sauce!



Definitely Different!  You’ll Come Back To Get More!



Bulk Beans….Get As Much As You Want!

Pintos….Great Northern  (Don’t forget the old fashioned pork seasoning found right beside our bean display!)


Daily Specials!

Check For Our Specials.  These Change From Time To Time, However, We Always Highlight Something In The Company Store!

Example:  A Cup Of Coffee & A Honey Bun….50 cents!



Square Baled.  Use For Decorating, Sowing Grass Seed, Or Feeding The Livestock!



Split For The Fireplace Or Stove!  (1/2 Rick Shown Here.)



We hope you have a pleasant time when you visit us! While you’re here, sit back…relax…and to remember your experience, sit down and play a game of checkers!  We fondly remember the days of old when we would sit down and visit with our neighbors while we were at the country store in our community.  Back then, we didn’t text, we didn’t email, we actually talked to one another….face to face.  We were close to one another and every family was there for someone who needed something.  We hope we can help others share a moment in time like we had back in our youth.  So sit down and play a game of checkers.  It doesn’t matter who wins, it’s the time you spend together that will make a difference in your day.


More Fun!

Some friends who came by to do some “pickin and grinnin” !

Likely As Not, You’ll Find A Guitar Over In the Corner Somewhere!



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